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A week's course takes place over 6 days, leaving the intervening Sundays for arrival and departure. Transport can be arranged from Llandudno Junction or Machynlleth for anyone arriving by train.

Beginners and lower intermediate only are accepted at present. No group courses are currently arranged. If, however, two or three people who know they are at the same level wish to come together, then group prices will apply.

Individual courses may be arranged to suit you for any week that is not previously booked.

 All full courses consist of of 24 hours intensive tuition [one to one in the case of individual courses] over 6 days. Tuition is usually in the morning. Written work to back up the morning's lesson is set for the afternoon, but I recommend taking time off as well, as the brain can become numb otherwise. This is very beautiful country for walking or just for looking and talking to the ducks etc. Cassettes and players are available for individual use, and there will be Welsh films on video [with subtitles!] on some evenings.

I am not a native speaker, but I have lived here for 20 years and am an experienced language teacher. Welsh varies not only from north to south but to a lesser degree from village to village. I teach my version, which is basically the northern version but avoiding the most extreme variations. I would like to stress that a crash course gives one a flying start but, precisely because you learn such a lot so quickly, it is essential to carry on from the day you leave.

Otherwise one can lose a large part almost as quickly. I know Welsh courses are probably thin on the ground in many places, but you may carry on by post if you wish. The important thing is to stay tuned in to the language.

PRICES 2010 - 2011

RESIDENTIAL Fees are inclusive: all tuition, all material for use on the course -- books, audio tapes etc. accomodation and all meals. Films in French most evenings.

Individual……£450 per week

Group   [2 people]…..£300 each per week  

NON RESIDENTIAL does not include films.

Non-residential ....£350

Group ... £250 each  


At Bodyfuddau (which you will be able to pronounce in due course!)

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Tuition is available by post on a pay-as-you-learn basis as a follow on to a residential course. As you progress the work sent to you will be less standardised, as every student is encouraged to go at his/her own pace, and everyone finds certain things more difficult than others. So the work sent is to some extent determined by what I deduce from returned exercises. When you have completed all assignments in the first lesson, you send it to me with £20 and a large stamped addressed envelope for the next lesson and also, of course, any queries that may have arisen. This continues for as long as you wish and with gaps if you so desire [holidays, family crises etc]. You determine the pace.



You can receive lessons and corrections by e-mail if you prefer. In this case there will be no need for stamped addressed envelopes.

Postal tuition is charged at £20 per lesson including all corrections etc.

Correspondence prices never changed once you have enrolled.


If you are interested in either possibility contact me at

Bodyfuddau, Trawsfynydd, Gwynedd, LL41 4UW.

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