Click on the bears for various vocabulary lists and useful files for Russian study. 

Click on Pushkin for bilingual stories


Greetings etc. -- survival vocabulary




expressions -- a somewhat eclectic list of phrases and expressions.

The best form of vocabulary learning is words in context, not to mention that you get the additional delight of cases in use

How do you say that in Russian?

Expressions grouped by English words, i.e. Russsian equivalent expressions for English expressions based on the word cost / hand etc.

Colloquialisms gleaned from native speakers with explanations by them. For browsing by enthusiasts. It is still in its infancy but will grow.


False friends

Assorted useful information about Russian usage including confusable words..

Prepositions used with time clauses

Russian proverbs

 Index of bilingual texts.


Swan Lake . Bilingual text


 Russian jokes


 Russian verbs







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