Crash courses in French, Russian, Welsh and German

Basically me indulging my passion for languages and attempting to earn a living here amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales in the United Kingdom.

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Events in Meirionnydd


 Coming to Wales to learn Russian may seem a little odd. I can only say that it is nearer, warmer and cheaper than going to Russia!

Follow the bear for Russian tuition and a lot of learning material, songs, poems, bilingual text

Time that is intolerant

Of the brave and innocent,

And indifferent in a week

To a beautiful physique,

Worships language and forgives

Everyone by whom it lives;

[From Auden's tribute to Yeats. Click pegasus to get full text]

English poetry

Follow the dragon for Welsh language tuition and songs etc to download..

If you want to learn Welsh there is the advantage that most of our neighbours speak it from choice. Also one can attend the rehearsal of the male voice choir in the village and, possibly, a concert.


For all things French enter the chateau. 


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I teach intensive individual residential courses in this 16th century Welsh farmhouse among the hills of Meirionnydd. The area is renowned for its beauty and for the fact that the first language of the majority of its people is Welsh. If you come to stay here for a course, I am sure you will lose your heart to the place as well as, hopefully, getting started on a language.

If you don't like dogs, ducks or sheep then perhaps a postal course would be a better way of learning any of the languages listed!

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For English as a Foreign Language click on the parrot.

You will find a wealth of learning material. However I no longer teach English.

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Translation software for 45 languages for Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Mobile phones from LingvoSoft.

Lingvosoft Translation Software

- Talking dictionaries
- Full-text translation
- Speech recognition software
- Language learning flashcards
- Localization software
- Travel software

Free trial download!


ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-9C Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary


To see all ectaco's language products including electronic dictionaries and other language software go here or click the picture.


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Language tuition, Exeter International Centre and my soapbox [CND, Amnesty International. Iraq, and other matters I feel strongly about.

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For further details contact:

Daphne Percival,

Meirionnydd Languages,


Gwynedd,Cymru (Wales)U.K.LL41 4UW

Phone (+044 outside the UK) 01766 540553