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All intensive courses run from Monday to Saturday inclusive, leaving Sunday for arrival and departure. Each course consists of 24 hours tuition over six days. Written work [optional] is set to be completed outside of these hours and is then corrected. Cassettes and players are available also for practice, and there are French films [with subtitles!] for viewing on some evenings.

The house is situated in the midst of fields [with sheep] and near a delightful river. I recommend that students take some time off to walk there and let their brains unwind. Bodyfuddau has a resident flock of ducks which are very useful for this.


Individual courses can be arranged at any time [subject to other bookings]. It would help if students who have done some French would let me know at time of booking approximately what they have done and where they feel they most need help. It would also be useful to know which books they have studied, in order to avoid duplicating material. I am happy to discuss details over the phone beforehand.

Although no group courses are currently planned, special reductions can be made for 2 people at a similar level who arrange to come together.





RESIDENTIAL Fees are inclusive: all tuition, all material for use on the course -- books, audio tapes etc. accomodation and all meals. Films in French most evenings.

NON RESIDENTIAL does not include films.

Individual……£450 per week

Group…..£300 each per week  

Non-residential ....£350   group £250 each. Ask for discount for three or four.




Shorter periods pro rata

Non-participating spouses, partners and friends are welcome to stay during individual courses and amuse themselves.




        TEL 01766 540553   or email me   -- scroll down to sheep for email



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Tuition is available by post on a pay-as-you-learn basis. If you enroll as a beginner, you pay £20 for the first lesson plus a tape with pronunciation material and texts for use with the first three lessons. As you progress the work sent to you will be less standardised, as every student is encouraged to go at his/her own pace, and everyone finds certain things more difficult than others. So the work sent is to some extent determined by what I deduce from returned exercises. When you have completed all assignments in the first lesson, you send it to me with £15 and a large stamped addressed envelope for the next lesson and also, of course, any queries that may have arisen. This continues for as long as you wish and with gaps if you so desire [holidays, family crises etc]. You determine the pace.

Intermediate students clearly will not start with my basic introduction. However, they may send a sample exercise or translation] at the level they think they are, and a list of books used and/or available. I will then send suggested work and extra material. The system is then the same except that intermediate tapes are not yet available for sale


Introductory lesson with tape….20 pounds

Subsequent lessons…………….15 pounds

 These prices are never increased for anyone once started on a course.


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