Michel, Samuel and ? on the doorstep of the Centre.

I don't remember the excuse for this particular party but I seem to have seen a ghost [or have drunk too much wine]. Also visible here Andrej [Poland], Violet [England], Gessa [Palestine]



Ernest [Ghana] so Valya must be there somewhere.

Also I can see Thana [Malaysia], Victor and Pepe [Chile]

Ali, Allison, Chris and Thana.

A game of chess in the sitting room.

Lena, Vivienne and Ana [I think]


Naif [Egypt] and Daf


Denise [Switzerland] during her sojourn in charge of the Centre.


Ignatius [? Zambia] Claudio [Chile]


Ali [Iran] with Alison [England] later his wife. Here making themselves very useful.



Thana [?] and Foad [Egypt]


Coffee time


One of our Kenyan teachers on Christmas holiday [I think] fulfilling an important social duty - playing scrabble with my Mum [who by the way made it 100 years]



Another game of chess I think

Semi [Turkey]


Nadia [Czechoslovakia]


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