1974 - 1984

The register for the Centre was lost [well actually it was removed by someone whom I refused permission to use the address of the Centre to cheat the DHSS]. As a result I lost touch with everyone when I moved to Wales and the building was turned into flats. It has just occurred to me that now my site is fairly frequently visited, this might be the place to see if anyone remembers staying with us in Exeter. If you want to see the pictures below enlarged plus more pictures, just click on them.

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 Click on the picture to go through the door and meet some old friends.

 Does anyone out there remember my birthday party that got combined with the Cuban Revolution and Chilean cooking? Denise


 Party at Idiom Language School [Now English in Exeter but still going strong]


 Thana, are you out there and do you remember the view from your window?

 Lee, are you still in Australia?


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