September 12, 2001

H. E. Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations

Ms. Carol Belemy, Executive Director, UNICEF

Mr. Pierre Poupard, Special Representative, UNICEF, West Bank and Gaza



Dear Sir\Madam

We were shocked when we heard the tragic news yesterday; it is a tragedy. We the Palestinian children delegation to the General Assembly Special Session on Children are supposed to go there to discuss children's situation all around the world, we feel deep anger and sorrow since, we are under hard and horrible situation, we understand what it means.

We are against any kind of violence, against death and fear that might face children or civilians, because it is painful and unfair.

We were waiting patiently for our trip. We had so many hopes and dreams to fulfill, and we were holding a message to the world about our suffering under Israeli occupation, that is why we can feel how hard it must be, for American children to cope with such a scary situation.

And we know the meaning of the real loss of a mother, a father, a brother or a friend, it hurts deep inside, Palestinian children are carrying this pain throughout their life.  

Thatís why as children, and the future of tomorrow, we have to start spreading peace from now, to seek for a better life, empty of any wars or hatred.

We hope our message can get to as many children as possible, so they can know how hurt and sorry we are, and to make sure we will fight for our rights as children until the end.

And we hope, that after a while, when things turn out better, we could meet again and find together the basis for a better, brighter future.


The Palestinian Children Delegation:

Abdelkareem Abdelkader 14 yrs   Jabalya Refugee Camp

Ahmad Khairi  16   Jerusalem

Ala' Daribrahim    17    Direbsií Village

Iba Almaghari  15   Ramallah

Lina Musleh   16  Beit Sahour

Reem Hassan    16    Gaza

Tala AbuRahmeh   17   Aboud Village



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